Names and Targets


You can assign NAMES to individual frames so they can be targeted by URLs. You can also use a set of special reserved NAMES that allow you to:

These NAMES are:

_blank --> Always load this link into a new, unnamed window.

_self --> Always load this link over yourself.

_parent --> Always load this link over your parent. (It becomes self if you have no parent.)

_top --> Always load this link at the top level. (It becomes self if you are at the top.)

All other names starting with '_' are ignored.


Links in any window can refer to another window by name using the TARGET attribute. When you click the link, the document you requested will appear in that named window. If the window is not already open, Netscape will open and name a new window for you.

The syntax for the targeted window is:

<A HREF="url.html" TARGET="window_name"> Click here and open a New Window </A>

A new BASE tag allows you to pick a default-named target window for every link in a document that does not have an explicit TARGET attribute. Its format is:

<BASE TARGET="default_target">

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